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January Newsletter 2019

Property Manager Update

Mike Sullivan was offered and has accepted the job as the Property Manager of Lincoln Square Lofts. We are excited to get him up and running. His scheduled start date is January 15, but they may be moved up to an earlier date.

Website and Phone Number

The website is and is up and running. Check it out. We are adding more to it and will continue to work on it.

The phone number for Mike is 303-641-8530. Until he starts, a member of the board will be answering it and responding as necessary to calls.

After Hours Calls

We have chosen an after hours company to work with us and they should be ready to go in the next week. The name of the company is Super Tenders. This is who you will call with after hours emergencies that cannot wait until the next business day.

HOA Payments

I hope by now you have all received your packets from Cherry Creek HOA Professionals. If you have not received, please call 303-693-2118 and let them know you are from Lincoln Square Lofts and have not received your packet with payment information. They are very helpful.

Board Opening

As of January 24th, we will have an opening on the board. Lauren Niehaus will be resigning as she is moving out an on. We want to thank her for all of her help in getting us up and running as self-managed. She will be missed. If you are interested, let us know. The board will fill her position until November when her term ends. At that time, you can run for a full two year term if you would like to.

Board Meetings

The next board meeting will be on January 24th at 6pm in the clubhouse. This will be our first as a self managed community and it will be the time to meet the Property Manager. We hope the clubhouse is full.

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