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December Newsletter 2018

Property Manager Update

We have two candidates for the property manager role that are both qualified for the position. The best news is, both live here and will be able to keep an eye on things! The interviews are over, and the decision should be made soon.

HOA Dues

December is the last month for paying the dues to Union Bank. Beginning January 1, 2019, all payments will run through Cherry Creek HOA Professionals. They are working hard now to get the new banking and everything set up. Packets will be sent this week and should be received by next week. This will have all information needed to set up your January payments. If you do not receive by the end of next week, please let us know.

Holiday Gathering

We held the Community gathering on Saturday December 1 and had a great time visiting with neighbors and friends. If you have not had the chance to see the tree, please stop by the club house. Flora decorated it and it is beautiful. Congratulations to Loyce and Bill Smith who were the winners of the free month of HOA dues.

Violations and Issues

Please continue to send all violations and issues to Sentry. They are still contracted with us until December 31. They are still handling these issues.

Board Meetings

The next board meeting will be on January 24th at 6pm in the clubhouse. This will be our first as a self managed community and it will be the time to meet the Property Manager. We hope the clubhouse is full.

The LSL board will continue to keep you updated with changes as we transition to self-management.

We wish you all a very happy holiday season! 

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